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New ISBSG data repository (R13) has been released

The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group has now released R13 of its New Developments and Enhancements (D&E) repository, containing the project data of 6,760 completed software realization projects. A broad range of project types from many industries and many business areas are available for you to use for estimating, awareness of trends, comparison of platforms and languages or benchmarking. Compared to Release 12 (2012) a total number of 754 projects have been added, 660 of these which were completed in the year 2012 or later. The data in the projects have come from over thirty countries, with 53% of the projects being completed in the last decade.

This repository will be added to Experience® Service later. Keep on reading our news!

The full press release is here.


Super Fast Size and Effort Estimation

(Pekka Forselius and Erkki Savioja, FiSMA, Finland)

Functional size of software is one of the most important cost drivers of software development projects. However, function points are very rarely used in the industry, although they are the only internationally standardized way to measure size of software. Sometimes decision makers have heard about function points, but their knowledge of them is old, or they have been misguided to believe that the methods are difficult to use, extremely time consuming, and that the counting results may vary significantly between two measurement experts.

Finnish Software Measurement Association (FiSMA) arranged a speed test for software size estimation and project effort estimation in summer 2013. The results are impressive and very promising.

Super Fast Estimation.pdf


Experience® Service AVAILABLE NOW!

The world number one tool for estimating and measuring IT software projects is waiting for YOU in the cloud. This is an acquisition that you will never regret. Knowledge data base with more than 5000 data points, 600+ java projects, 600+ government projects, etc.

More information about Experience® Service here.

Prices for personal user licences:

  • full, with all experience data: 800 EUR/year
  • basic, without international ISBSG, M&S and COSMIC data sets: 600 EUR/year

Order form in English.
Order form in Finnish.

If your organisation is also interested in the Experience® Service company licence, allowing company specific data collection and company-wide use of own Experience® data, please contact us.


Experience® Service is now published

We are happy to announce that Experience® Service is now published. This web-based software service is for estimating and measuring IT software projects using function points as a base of measurement. The service application is a Project Estimation and Measurement System (PEMS). With it, the users are capable to measure the functional size of a software application, estimate the effort and cost of the project and collect the project data into the Experience® database.

Order it here. Note, that credit card payments are not yet possible. We are working on it.


southernSCOPE Success: Controlling software development

Controlling software development – A breakthrough for business.

An article in Software Quality & Process Improvement by mr. Terry Wright (2000). 

Businesses must be able to change the way they operate quickly – and often they need to change their software to do so. With this in mind, over the last four years the Victorian Government has developed an invaluable new method for acquiring custom-built software, reports Terry Wright (pdf)


northernSCOPE Success: Ministry of Justice

An interview with mr. Martti Karjalainen, a Senior Specialist in Ministry of Justice.

”Our ICT systems are the backbone of the Finnish judicial system and a significant part of Finnish democracy. ICT services must steadfastly follow the changes and schedules of legislation. By using the estimating methods that are part of northernSCOPE® together with Certified Scope Manager (CSM) services, we are now in control of our costs and able to manage functional outcomes, schedules and quality of software development better. ”




News archive

Experience®Service is progressing
We are happy to announce that Experience®Service 4.0 is currently under evaluation by over ten international pilot users. After the evaluation, the final product will be launched on March 4, 2013. More news will follow.

Six more Certified Scope Managers in Finland
Congratulations to six new Scope Managers who graduated this month! There are now 111 Certified Scope Managers in Finland.

Scope Manager Forum started in Finland
The critical mass in the number of Scope managers has been reached in Finland. The Scope Manager Forum has been founded evolving about 50% of Scope managers as registered members so far.

The Forum operates as a professional interest group in the Finnish Software Measurement Association (FiSMA). The Forum will strengthen the position of professional scope management and promote applying tools and methods of interest.

The kick-off meeting took place September 25th, 2012.

Total number of Scope Managers is now 127
In August, 2012, eight new Certified Scope Managers passed their examination in Finland. Congratulations! The total number world-wide is now 127. See the complete list of CSM’s here.

Agreement between 4SUM Partners and MSG Software
4SUM Partners and MSG Software have signed an agreement on delivery of Experience® Service software. New browser-based service is intended to be published in the beginning of March 2013. Project kick-off was in April, and Proof of Concept will be completed during May for project’s internal use.

Almost one hundred Certified Scope Managers in Finland
On Feb 16th, seven new Scope Managers passed their examination. Congratulations! Maybe we will reach the pole of 100 Finnish Scope Managers very soon.
And don’t forget the upcoming training in Copenhagen, Denmark. More information here.

Five new Scope Managers graduated
Our CSM community just grew with five new graduates from Finland. Check the complete list of Certified Scope Managers on our Scope Management page.

Number of Certified Scope Managers is increasing
In Finland, five new Scope Managers passed their examination in August, 2011. The total number of SM’s is now over one hundred.

Seven new Certified Scope Managers in Germany
In May 2011, seven new Scope Managers passed the Certified Scope Manager examination in Germany. These CSM’s are:

  • Armin Dreiling
  • Oliver Klein
  • Frank Laskowski
  • Markus Michels
  • Andreas Olesh
  • Michael Otto
  • Guido Schröder

This means that there are 99 Certified Scope Managers world-wide. Would you like to be number 100?

FiSMA 1.1 will be translated in Finnish
We proudly announce that ISO/IEC 29881:2010 standard for Functional Size Measurement FiSMA 1.1 will be translated in Finnish.

Webinar by Carol Dekkers
ITMPI webinar by Carol Dekkers about Navigating the Minefield: Estimating Before Requirements.
February 17, 2011,
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Eastern Time

9 new Certified Scope Managers graduated in Finland
Nine new Certified Scope Managers graduated in Finland on Dec 3, 2010.
The total number of CSM’s world-wide is now 83.

JRC member Carol Dekkers key-noting at IPMA World Congress
By ECQA 2010-11-10
JRC member Carol Dekkers key-noting at IPMA World Congress, Istanbul, Turkey. “Scope Management is coming: Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way!”