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Course description

Day 1: Scope manager engagement and program scoping
• What is a Scope Manager? Introduction to the job role of a Certified Scope Manager, as defined on the European Certification and Qualification Association’s skills card.
• The Program Management Toolkit: useful mixture of theories and best practices, including the book, CD, and a set of practical, MS Office® based tools.
• How to split a large development program into manageable and measurable projects and sub-projects?
• Which methods, standards, and best practices should we use to ensure successful ICT project execution?

Day 2: Project scope and early estimation
• How to manage the scope, and measure the size of the project outcome already during the feasibility study, before having perfectly specified requirements?
• How to know that the estimated size is reasonable, leading to realistic effort estimates and user expectations?
• What kind of set of functional, non-functional, and technical requirements is good enough to get a sensible discussion with potential supplier started?
• ”Shortcut” size measurement methods.
• ND21 Situation Analysis method, and how it differs from alternative methods.

Day 3: Effective execution and collaboration
• Product requirements artifacts for documentation, scope baseline, and negotiated change.
• Baseline 0: assessing functional & quality user requirements, and technical requirements.
• Quantitative change management and control.
• Monitoring & control of non-functional changes.
• Earned value reporting with functional size.
• Progress reporting the northernSCOPET way.

Day 4: Scope Manager’s toolkit Experience®Service
• Automated and manual support for Scope Managers.
• Experience® Service for Scope Managers.
• northernSCOPE processes— step by step tool support.
• Role of Experience data quality.
• Reports, interfaces, and customer communication.

Day 5: Scope Manager exam & review
• 4 hour Certified Scope Manager examination resulting in a Scope Manager certification by the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA).
• Scope Management network.
• Effecting sustainable change worldwide: Process maturity, PI Map, critical PI success factors.

Training material includes:
Program Management Toolkit (Forselius, Dekkers, Karvinen, Kosonen).
The IT Measurement Compendium (Bundschuh, Dekkers).
Practical Software Project Estimation (McGraw-Hill, ISBSG).
Experience® Service 4.0 licence for 3 months.
Certified Scope Manager briefcase, presentation handouts and two posters.

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